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My Bromance Movie

It's been a long time since the last time I posted something here. The last post I posted was an abandoned Yunjae fiction. From that time till now, I think my English doesn't improve at all. Shame on me. :(

Oh well, let's forget about my horrible English.

So, Last year, I found out about this Thai's upcoming gay movie entitled My Bromance. From their official facebook, I could figure out who would be the main casts. And I was instantly falling in love with one of the cast, Fluke Pongsatorn. He is so cute, I swear if you watch the video of him doing the Gwiyeomi thing, you will squeal hard. Yep, he is that cute (Even tho he's starting to grow up now).

Back to the movie, It was actually filmed on 2013 (or so I thought) and released in cinemas on early January 2014. So yeah, I've been waiting for months just to watch it. and tada~ Finally it's out online last month. XD I actually already knew the story line, and what the ending will be.

The movie is good, but not that great. It's an indie film anyway, so I didn't expect much. But the casts acting is really good. and the movie over all turned out very well. even though there are scenes that I found awkward and weird (don't mind me). I also think that the story is a lil bit cliche. and the ending is too fast. the scene that makes me wondering is the flashback scene where bank asked golf to be his brother forever. When did the scene happen actually? was it before or after they had car accident. and it's a bit disappointing (for me) that the director didn't explain much about how the relationship between them and their parents after the accident. I don't know if it's just me being dumb,but well, maybe it's better to be a mystery. :]

Jan. 31st, 2011

This is Jaejoong with his cat, Jiji.


and this is Hamao with his cat (I don't know his cat's name,>///<)


My current playlist:
Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye ( This is a good song! I like it, alot! =D)
Yuu Shirota - Mienai Kizuna ( I don't know He is actually a great musician! He has a great voice! I love him more now,,,XD)
Kyosuke Hamao - I want to find you ( I don't know why, but I just love this song~~ XD)
Kyosuke Hamao - Boku no kimochi (Easy to listen! =D)
Gomu - The otherside (Take me~~~ Lalalala~~~)
Takumi-Kun soundtrack Instrument (I love instrument, and this is one of my favs~~ =))
JYJ - I. D. S ( I deal deal my deal~~~ Jaejoongie, you're a great musician! love this song!)
JYJ - Nine (Again, Jaejoongie,,, I know this song is for ur hubby rite? XD)
Avril Lavigne - What the hell
Britney spears - Hold it against me
Remioromen - Konayuki
Remioromen - Sangatsu Kokonoka
AKFG - Kaigan Dori
Aqua timez - Niji
Kazuya Kamenashi - Kizuna
Miriya Kato - Why



I'm not a selfish person, I'm trying not to. But what's the point when my own friends are selfish?
Am I the only who's sacrificing myself?

then FUCK U oh-so-called My FRIENDS,
Go to Hell.!

I wish u all the worst thing in the world.



why is internet connection in Indonesia sooooooooooo fuckin' slow??
even just to open LJ, it needs 5 minutes or more to show the page completely done.

and the fee is high!
but the speed isn't suit the fee!!!

it takes hours to download video with size only 20mb!!!

sometimes I wish I live in other country,,,,


Hana chap 2


Hana chap 1

Title: Hana

Author: Chiyo a.k.a Oppie Hongo

Pairing: Our Lovely YunJae!!

Genre: Romance, Drama, a lil bit action…

Length: Dunno yet..

Rating: PG13

Disclaimer: I do own YunJae in my dream!!

Summary: Anyone have a good summary for me? 0_0



Chap 1Collapse )


just wanna share a wallie I made...


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